2nd EMC Results Are Out

And finally, much awaited results have been published.

You can see them on the Results page.


We congratulate to all participants who stood their ground against some really challenging problems. Special congratulations of course go to the winners.


Yours truly,

EMC team 🙂

Second EMC

After we all together successfully organized last year’s first EMC, now we invite you to the second European Mathematical Cup. This year’s edition will be organized in the middle of December. For problems, solutions and results from the previous competitions look on the history page.

First EMC – report

More about this year’s EMC you can find in the report.

As it is said in the report, we would like to thank to all local organizers for participation and help in organizing.

We are looking forward to organizing the next European Mathematical Cup with hopefully an even larger number of competitors and countries.

The results of the first EMC

Results of this year’s competition have been published in the results section.

Many congratulations to all the participants who have performed excedingly well on some very hard problems.

As well we want to express our gratitude to problem proposers who have supplied us with numerous beautiful and interesting problems.

Official registration deadline

We would like to ask all the local organizers to contact us and confirm the participation and to work out the details (such as at which date exactly would they hold the competition and, if it is possible, give us approximate number of students attending) as soon as you have arranged all the relevant details if possible by 20th of November. Thank you very much to all the local organisers and let’s hope we will make a really nice competition.

Problem proposals

We are happy to accept any problem proposals.

Please send your proposals to any of the official e-mails by 20th of November.

If your problem isn’t used it won’t be published anywhere.

We expect that any of the problem proposal isn’t published anywhere to the best of your knowledge.