Welcome to the official website of the European Mathematical Cup.

The European Mathematical Cup (abbr. EMC) is a high school mathematics competition organized by the Croatian association Young Gifted Mathematicians Marin Getaldić  (www.mnm.hr) in cooperation with various wonderful professors and university students who help us organize the competition internationally. If you are interested in joining as a local organizer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The EMC usually takes place in December, and we try to arrange for all contestants to participate in the competition in their hometown. After the competition, the local organizers send the scans of students’ solutions to us for evaluation. They may also evaluate the solutions themselves. The official results are published on the website as soon as possible after all of the papers have been graded.

The EMC is primarily intended for high school students, but we do also welcome exceptional elementary school students who wish to compete. The competition is divided into two categories: Junior (students younger than 17 on the day of the competition and who have never participated at the IMO) and Senior (other high-school students or exceptional elementary school students). A student who satisfies the criteria to compete in the Junior category can choose to compete in the Senior category instead.

The duration of the competition for both categories is 4 hours. Within that time, the students attempt to solve 4 problems, one from each of the following areas: algebra, combinatorics, geometry and number theory. We attempt to sort the problems by difficulty. Modelled by the rules of other international competitions such as the IMO, the only instruments permitted in the competition are the writing and drawing instruments. The use of formulas, calculators and other instruments is prohibited. In terms of required knowledge, the problems are similar to the IMO problems, albeit the problems of the Junior category are usually more elementary and require less knowledge.

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