Founders of the EMC:
Matija Bucić and Matko Ljulj

Organizational Jury of the EMC (2023 edition):
Namik Agić, Maja Drmač, Matej Vojvodić

Main e-mail
You can also reach every single one of us using our personal emails of the form (with č/ć changed to c in surnames)

Association Young Gifted Mathematicians Marin Getaldić

(Mladi nadareni matematičari Marin Getaldić)

Young Gifted Mathematicians Marin Getaldić is a Croatia-based association whose main goal is the promotion of mathematics and mathematics competitions among elementary and high school students in Croatia. Most of the members are university students. The association has several ongoing projects including Croatian Mathematical Summer Camp, European Mathematical Cup, and weekly lectures for high school students on various topics in mathematics. All of the members are volunteers who want to contribute to the society by teaching younger students.