Welcome to the official EMC website.

The European Mathematical Cup (abbr: EMC) is a high school competition organized by Croatian association Young Gifted Mathematicians Marin Getaldić  (www.mnm.hr) in cooperation with various wonderful professors and university students who help us organize the competition internationally. We are currently in our 9th year and if you are interested to join us don’t hesitate to contact us.

We do welcome exceptional elementary school students who are allowed to compete, usually in Junior Category. EMC takes place in December and we try to arrange that all students participate in the competition in their home town and after the competition, the local organizers either send the students’ solutions to Zagreb for evaluation or evaluate the solutions themselves. The official results and rewards are intended to be published soon after the competition takes place.

The competition is divided into two categories: Juniors (students younger than 17 at the day of the competition and who have never participated at the IMO) and Seniors (other high-school students). A student who satisfies the criteria to compete as a Junior can choose to compete as a Senior.

The duration of problem solving for both categories is 4 hours. Within that time, students have 4 problems, one from each of the following areas: algebra, combinatorics, geometry and number theory. The problems are attempted to be sorted by difficulty. Modeled by the rules of other international competitions such as IMO, only instruments permitted in the competition are writing and drawing instruments: Use of tables, calculators and other instruments is prohibited. The problems of the Senior category are supposed to be similar to the IMO problems while Junior category ones are intended to be similar to Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad problems in terms of required knowledge.