Final results of the 6th EMC

The final results of this year’s edition are finally here and can be viewed on the Results page.

We would like to congratulate all of the competitors who provided some excellent solutions and achieved great results on the difficult problems that were selected.

Also, many thanks to all of the local organizers and those who sent us problem proposals. All of them played a great part in organizing the competition successfully in almost 20 countries!

Approaching the start of the 6th EMC

With 2017 getting close to its ending, another edition of EMC is almost set to begin. 6th EMC is bringing several new countries into the competition and we can proudly inform you that competitors from as many as 16 different countries will be participating this year! Great news for everyone, from the organizers to the competitors themselves. This year’s edition is being held between 9th and 17th December. Be sure to check the problems and the results afterwords.

3rd EMC – results

Results of this year’s competition have been published in the results section.

Many congratulations to all the participants who have performed exceedingly well on some very hard problems.

As well we want to express our gratitude to problem proposers who have supplied us with numerous beautiful and interesting problems.

The 3rd EMC

After two successful years, we invite you to the third European Mathematical Cup. This year’s edition will be held from 6th December to 14th December 2014. Please send any problem proposals until 1st of November to anyone from the Jury. For problems, solutions and results from the previous competitions look on the history page.

2nd EMC Results Are Out

And finally, much awaited results have been published.

You can see them on the Results page.


We congratulate to all participants who stood their ground against some really challenging problems. Special congratulations of course go to the winners.


Yours truly,

EMC team 🙂

Second EMC

After we all together successfully organized last year’s first EMC, now we invite you to the second European Mathematical Cup. This year’s edition will be organized in the middle of December. For problems, solutions and results from the previous competitions look on the history page.